Infinity LPMud: Wizard Information

On Infinity, Wizards are users who create for the game. They are able to create guilds, level quests, Wizard quests, experience quests, and killing areas. To become a Wizard, you must first amass one million (1,000,000) experience points, attain level 19, and solve all of the installed Wizard quests. In addition, you must also solve a level quest before being able to advance to most of the levels.

Once you become a level 20 Wizard however, one still needs to have a sponsor. This sponsor will be responsible for your actions and your education on the game. They will ensure that you learn the rules of being a Wizard, and will teach you how to program in LPC, how to find and use documentation on the game, and how to build areas.

We're still looking for good things to add to this page. We're currently considering HTML'izing the Tome of Wizardhood for people to peruse, but are waiting to see if people will actually use it or not. :) In the meantime, you may: