Infinity Administration

The ArchWizards of Infinity are the individuals that keep the game running. They undertake the unenviable tasks of writing and implementing the rules, policing the mud, serving as the quality control for areas, upholding the ethics they choose to revere, and providing a safe, protected environment for people that just want to have fun on a game.

Each of them have been selected out of a number of qualified candidates for their drive, ambition, interest, and creativity; not only are they able to design and implement their ideas in ways to best improve the mud, they are also willing to listen to ideas from players and Wizards. If you do have any comments or suggestions, you may send mail to them from the Post Office on the game (two west, two north, and one east from the Center of Town) at arches, or send them email at

The current Infinity Administration includes:

The ArchWizards on Infinity do not get paid, partly because they do it for fun, and partly because Mutara doesn't have much money to eat, let alone dole out salaries. :) If, however, you were to meet one of the ArchWizards, it might be a good gesture to provide them with mass quantities of:

It is left as an exercise for the reader to determine which ArchWizard would prefer which bribe.

In addition, since we have been open for players we have also had the help of the following people. We thank them very much for the time and effort they contributed to Infinity since we opened: