Infinity LPMud: Hints for Wizard Quests

AHA! You thought you would get free hints for quests by coming here, eh? Nooooooot quite. We thought we would make it easier for people to see what quests are installed on Infinity as Wizard quests by listing the hints. By "hints", we mean the text that you see in the Adventurers' Guild when you check to see what quest you have to do next. Sorry to burst your bubble...

Players must complete six quests in addition to amassing one million (1,000,000) experience points and must attain level 19 before they may choose between becoming a Hero and a Wizard. In March of 1997, we revised the rules to allow players to gain credit for any six wizquests.

The other quests that players may have gained credit for in the past are:

* Angmar's quest is provided since Mutara helped 'QA' the quest years ago. A bit of historical nostalgia, if you will.