Infinity LPMud: Popular MUD Clients

We've found that many Infinity users like to use MUD clients. These allow you to connect to Infinity without having to deal with the vanilla telnet command. You may have noticed that raw telnet causes what you're typing to be broken up when someone shouts or walks into the room. Normal telnet does not give you scrollback of any kind, nor can you easily make a macro for repeated sequences like running into the Post Office from the Center of Town and typing "from".

There are a number of clients that we find very useful, both from player standpoints and Wizard standpoints. Not only do good mud clients provide scrollback facilities, but some also preserve the text you're typing when it receives new input.

While the Infinity Administration can point out sites for picking these up, we cannot promise technical support for usage nor installation questions. You may find someone on the game who has knowledge about these programs if you post on the Forum Board, one west, one south, and two west from the Center of Town.

Windows: Macintosh: UNIX: Android: iPad:

These are by no means the only clients in existence. If you find that you are using a good client that you'd like to inform other Infinity users about, drop us a line and let us know where we can find it.