Infinity LPMud: Beastmasters Guild

Created by Ender

A Beastmaster relies on help from allies in nature during adventures. The Beastmaster's sole spell, summon, brings forth beasts from the wild for protection and assistance. As one's skills increase, more powerful beasts can be summoned, from a mouse to a dragon.

The guild's levels work a little differently than most guilds. Guild levels are independent from adventurer levels. When you join the guild you are a level 1 Beastmaster... a "Mouse Master", regardless of your adventurer level. At any time you may "spend" unused experience points to advance in the guild. It is not uncommon to see a level 4 player who is already a Tiger Master. At guild level 20 you can summon the most powerful beast, a dragon, but your power in the guild need not stop there. You are free to continue advancing in the guild, refining your skills as a Beastmaster. As you advance it becomes easier to summon beasts, and you are able to summon more beasts at a time. Also, your control over your beasts becomes greater.

  • Beasts fight with you in battle
  • Beasts carry equipment for you
  • Beasts deliver things to people for you
  • Beasts will bring things to the shop to sell for you
  • Beasts will stay and protect a kill while you heal
  • Beasts will scout ahead for danger


  • It costs precious experience points to advance in the guild