Infinity LPMud: Guilds

In addition to being a player on Infinity and participating in the solution of quests and bashing in the heads of helpless ogres, you may choose to join a guild.

A guild is a grouping of people, all following the same theme. One may think of a guild as being a profession, or a type of fighter. There may be a guild of players using magic, others that are proficient in certain types of combat, or the bind may be more profound. On Infinity, the guilds are written by Wizards, the creators of the game.

Each guild is carefully written by these Wizards, and are carefully examined and approved by the ArchWizards before players can join. While the temptation is great to make a guild extremely powerful, Infinity operates under the idea that guildmembers must be equal in power to those players that do not belong to a guild. Guilds should be there more for atmosphere and friendship, not for the ability to obliterate things.

Below, the Guildmasters have compiled short explanations of the theme and abilities of their guilds for your perusal. Some guilds may not yet have detailed pages; if you do not find enough good information about a guild (or nothing at all), please feel free to mail the Wizard who created the guild, and ask them to have their web page information updated.

In addition to the currently installed guilds above, Infinity has also been lucky to have a number of other guilds since its opening in September of 1993. These include: Further information isn't available on the guilds that are no longer installed. If you would like more information to be available, feel free to contact the creator and tell them to submit something to the web site.